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Huck Finn

            Have you ever played a mean trick or a joke on someone and only realized later on how bad it made them feel? Well, that was the case with Huckleberry Finn when he tricked Jim. After convincing Jim that the whole fog incident was just a dream, Huck tauntingly points out the broken oar and the leaves on the raft. It was this prank as well as the moments following it that showed us the true character of Huck as well as Jim.
             It was only after the incident that Huck realized that Jim cared for him and was heart broke because he thought he had died. As soon as making this realization he got to thinking. Fifteen minutes later he went and comforted Jim, as well as apologized. Huck knew that was the right thing to do and never regretted it afterwards, even though he violated southern culture by acknowledging Jim's worth. Assuming responsibility for his actions is starting to show that Huck recognizes Jim's humanity. .
             This incident shows that Huck is starting to mature. The first time he played a trick on Jim he did not assume responsibility for it. When the dead rattlesnake's mate bit Jim, Huck guiltily hid the truth and pretended not to know how the snake got there. As their journey progressed down the Mississippi the once young and impressionable Huck was starting to grow up.
             Jim's character is totally different from Huck's. Jim is a sensitive man and the only father figure that Huck ever had in his life. Huck's mother being gone and his father being a drunk, Huck never encountered someone who cared this much for him and in this way. Although the Widow Douglas gave him food, shelter, and an education she was not like a parent. Jim showed a lot of love and compassion for Huck. For example he protected Huck from seeing his dead father in the house boat by telling him to look away because the face was too gruesome. He also shows that he cares for others more than him self. An example of this is when he had the chance to run from the Phelps plantation but he nursed the injured Tom instead, even though the same Tom kept him locked up for almost a month and made him play all sorts of foolish prisoner games.

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