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            I can say that the gorgeousness of music was discovered by Ludwig Van Beethoven.
             For me, he was the greatest musician ever lived. Leonard Bernstein, who was a 20th .
             century musician, thought just like I did and took Beethoven as an idol for his music. .
             In this essay I will try to show the similarities between these two musicians. .
             Beethoven was born in Bonn, in 1770. He gave his first piano concert at the age of .
             seven. He stayed in Bonn for long years. The first time he went to Vienna he met .
             Mozart. After their meeting Mozart announced him as his student. But Beethoven was .
             officially Haydn's student. Because he thought that Haydn could not discover his .
             talent, he started to take lessons from Schenk and Salieri in private. .
             His goal was to bring contemporary people new and advanced music. He used to .
             identify himself with Napoleon's brotherhood, justice and freedom terms. During the .
             French Revolution, Beethoven was working on his 3rd symphony which was named .
             Bonaparte after Napoleon. But right after he found out that Napoleon announced .
             himself king, he got angry and changed the name to Eroica. .
             By 1800 he started going deaf. And by the time he finished his most famous work the .
             9th symphony called Chocal, he could not hear anything. To hear the sound vibrations, .
             he used to put a stick between his teeth and place the end of the stick to the piano. .
             Although he was deaf, the 9th symphony is all about the joy of life. The lyrics are from .
             one of Schiller's poem called "Ode to Joy". His fifth symphony though was under the .
             theme of loneliness. .
             "By the time I come to the end of Beethoven's Fifth, I'm a new man." said Leonard .
             Bernstein. He analyzed this symphony in his book called The Joy of Life. He was born .
             in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1918. He presented a Beethoven/Bernstein Festival in .
             1989 in Bonn. He started to be largely known when he became the music director of .
             the New York Philharmonic in 1958. He wrote 3 symphonies called Facsimile, Fancy .

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