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The Mirror in Which Two Are Seen as One (poem by Adrianne ri

             I like her intertwining of poetry and politics, wishing I could do the same. Her language and images always captivate me and even though I might not understand her poems in entirety before a deep analysis, i always get the main essence. (I've never been able to really read on the bus before but lately i read her on the ride home everyday) this poem inspires me, because I connect with the issues at hand. I am a women (hear me roar) and this piece entails major components of the various relationships that women have. I am a daughter and have thought many times of the identity issue of my mother and I, the same issue that is presented in this piece. I also had a twin sister that died, at very young, but I believe even though I don't have much memory just the bond from being in the womb with her and being brought to life with her. Being in the middle of two boys and associating mainly with boys, comparison could be made verus sisters. The feministic issue has recently been a part of my life too (especially with a southern brother who comes to visit and expects my mom to do everything for her HA!).
             I see this poem as addressing mother-daughter, sister-sister, and women-world(society/surroundings) relationships. The pronouns and the "sisters" leave distinction vague making it difficult for me to decipher between the sister-sister references or the mother-daughter references. The "you" in the poem seems to refer to a mother at times and to the sister or daughter at times, likewise with the "she." The elements and factors of these relationships do overlap so I don't find it too distressing. I actually find the soft ground of this more comfortable and interesting because it makes the reader realize the connection of the relationships. The lack of the concrete role identity brings more insight, more images and more connections. This poem is about the influenced identity issue of women; reflected instinctively and socially.

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