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Creative Dance Education

             The vision of dance education is a vision to create an ulterior motive of learning for students of all ages. Not only is dance education fun and exciting but it is a chance to encompasses a physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual self; which is part of learning how your body functions. Dance education shapes the way individuals see themselves and deal with their own individuality and identity. It helps them explore their bodies through theoretical methods as well as physical exploration of their being. Education in dance empowers motivation, drive, and ambition guiding individuals to erode for a fruitful future through the use of self and experience as a vehicle for student's rode of success. .
             Dance education is one of the up most important educational subjects. To further such a notion, I would like to commit to such a stance by claiming dance practice and knowledge enhances other educational subjects like reading and writing. This is due to the way dance allows an individual to develop a keen kinetic awareness along with a cognitive enhancement of learning the correlation of the body and mind.
             There are a variety of reasons in which I have found my love and passion as a dance educator. Along with the ideals and purposes that dance beholds, there is a bond that is established between movement and the body. More so, in a society who interprets knowledge based on words and numbers, dance opens doors to communication via movement. .
             The human species learns in different ways; some are better visual learners while others are better auditory learners. However, creativity is the basis for the way we learn in general. Hence, creative dance emerged, allowing all an opportunity to know each other in a different way, to experience respect for each other, and to learn to work cooperatively. Creative dance can also be a tool by which one begins to understand and respect cultural and physical diversity while acquiring sensitivity and to find joy and ease in knowing each other.

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