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Controlling the World's Oil

            Our society without fuel would halt in its tracks. Our Energy goes to supplying and sustaining today's fast pace economy. Over forty percent of the U.S.'s demand for petroleum goes to cars and light trucks. The backbone of America, Trucking. Trucking supplies our nation's cities with everything from food to our daily mail. In the near future we can expect a quicker method of moving goods. From trucks to planes and ships to underwater pipelines expect our world's energy to take the burden of all movement.
             Oil means power. Having an unlimited supply of energy is what every country wants. Everything that makes our country secure, needs energy. From our nations powerful military and navy, to the vehicles that get us too and from work every day. The only limit to our society today is energy. We have the technology to mass-produce anything our country needs any time of the day, but in order to do that the factories need the energy. Oil also means financial security. If the oil reserves run dry and the world's petrol was diminished what would all the fuel burning factories and vehicles use? Petrol is a non-renewable resource; to have the last of the world's oil could be worth millions and millions of dollars. It may not seem like it, but in many ways Petrol can be worth its weight in gold.
             What else is oil used for? Oil is also useful as more than an energy source. It is the basis for the manufacture of petrochemical products including plastics, medicines, paints, and myriad other useful materials. Also, a lot of the roadways are the left over waste from Petrol residue.
             What is oil? Petroleum, or "crude oil," is a mixture of a variety of hydrocarbons. Petroleum was used in ancient times as a medicine, and in China it was used as a fuel and a lubricant for cart axles as early as the 3d-century BCE None of these applications was very important, and petroleum became a valuable substance only in the latter half of the 19th century, when kerosene began to displace whale oil as a fuel for illuminating lamps.

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