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            The Book,Kill A Mockingbird,by HL,timeless classic about coming of age of small southern town & its people.book follows Jem Scout,2 siblings living in 1930s small southern town.father,Atticus,is lawyer who is hired 2 defend black man who accused of rape.children watch town and trial change & grow.Atticus loses trial & Tom Robinson,man who being accused of rape gets killed by prison guards.whole town in an uproar.Some furious,some pleased,others see as no big deal.for Jem and Scout time for them to grow up and face harsh realities of life.Many times during the course of novel idea the mockingbird comes to mind.We first hear the bird when children are given first air rifles for Christmas,father warns never shoot the songbird,.
             saying to do so would be sin (chapter10).His murder is as much sin as killing of any innocent creature.By end of novel we see that loner Boo Radley is also like the mockingbird.Boo was man who was seen by society to b dangerous.Actually,Boo was kind, gentle.Children played games making fun of him because never came out his house.Boo came to Jem & Scouts rescue when Bob Ewell going home from the Halloween Party attacked them.Scout realizes that bringing Boo into limelight would be like killing the songbird.During trial of Tom Robinson,occurs to reader that Negro has many characteristics he shares with mockingbird,He is a gentle man,who never harmed anyone only tried to help.Tom Robinson was man who had been wrongly viewed by society.Society viewed him as just black man living in white man's world.was thought to be bad person just cause he was black.In reality,people might have liked him they just got to know him.Tom Robinson can be compared to senseless slaughter of mockingbird because was killed simply for the colour of skin.characters were thought to be outcasts just because of skin colour & just simply because they are not same.If these 2 individuals on inner or personal level,might have been viewed differently by the people of Maycomb.

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