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Southwest Airlines secret way

             How does southwest airlines soar above it's money losing rivals? Its employees work harder and smarter, in return for job security and a share of the profits. There are numerous stories in the article outlaying the dedication of their employees. An airline mechanic for southwest loaded upo his tools and rode a snowmobile to work because all of the roads were clogged with snow. This enabled them to get an aircraft ready for service in time for the flight the next day. Another mechanic spent over hours at work because he was snowed in at the airport. Pilots chip in between flights and clean the plane along side of the stewardess's to get the plane ready faster for the next flight. Pilots have even helped ground crews load luggage in order to speed along the flight process. Southwest does not have as many pilots and crew as other airlines and their crews work more hours than other airlines. Southwest's core advantage is not that their people get paid less but rather they work more for their pay. Southwest"s pilots are paid by the route flown, not the hours in the air like other airlines. That way the pilots have a strong interest in keeping the plane on schedule. .
             Although southwest has a higher proportion of union members than any other major airline, the 30 year old carrier has never had a layoff or a strike. The biggest complaint in the industry is that management does not listen to the employees but southwest claims that its management has a very close relationship to its pilots and mechanics and all the other crew members. Management personel meet with the employees and take them out to dinner occasionally just to keep in touch with them and their feelings about the company. Southwest airlines compensates their employees a little differently than the other air carriers. It contributes 15% of its pre tax income to a profit sharing plan.
             Management is working hard to maintain the airline's trademark high morale and good customer service.

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