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Oedipus and Antigone compare and contrast

            All of the characters clearly have a tragic downfall, and they are all self inflicted. However, ranking them in an order of blameworthiness is quiet a unique brain teaser. We have Oedipus who shed the blood his father and made four children with his mother. Creon whose evil edicts lead to the death of the loving wife and son. And then there is Antigone who betrayed the law of the State to follow her values and morals by burring her slain brother. .
             The actual rank that I have chosen for these main characters blameworthiness is as follows: Creon, Oedipus, and last but not least Antigone. .
             This was not any easy chose for they are all to blame for their actions as is any one, however Creon, who I chose to be the most blameworthy, brought it all down upon his self. In the first place he should not have even been the king of Thebes after the fall of Etocles and Polyneices, but that is not the point. Creon did not feel that the body of Polyneices or his noble army should have a proper burial. Now this is one of the thing that is like asking to bring on a plague to the city and Thebes has already had a pretty bad record with terrible events and plagues in Thebes so you think that's the last thing King Creon would do. However this edict as it was called stated that no one shall bury the bodies of the fallen men. This is the first thing that Creon does that leads him straight down the path of sorrows. After his edict is in place a violator of his great law is found and she is to be stoned in the streets of Thebes. But before that can happen the chorus talks a small amount of sense into him and he decides to lock her in a mountain cave and let her die a low death, and keep him feeling guilt free. As a result of this action and a few other things that get tossed in their involving Antigone his child, Heamon, kills him self. When he queen hers word of what has happened she runs off and also kills her self.

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