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A beutiful mind

             Before watching A Beautiful Mind, I didn't know much about schizophrenia. I of course heard the rumors such as, "The people are crazy," or "They will scare the sh*t out of you." Actually, there is a woman in my town who walks around a lot and visits the park quite frequently. Just because she is "different", she has received the name of "Schizophrenia Annie", by all of the school-age, high school, and possible adult population. I can guarantee that not even 1% of that population knows the definition of the disorder, let alone know the circumstances of the woman. This is our way of making fun of psychological disorders. Putting a label on things we just can't quite explain. I have never been exposed to a schizophrenic (to my knowledge) so I can't really explain how I do, or would, act around one. I have no strong feelings about the people with the disease, mostly because I have never come in contact with it.
             While watching A Beautiful Mind, I was very intrigued by John Nash's behaviors. If I had not known what the movie was about in the first place, I probably wouldn't have known that he had schizophrenia until the psychiatrist took him away and while in his office said, "Who are you talking to? Charles is not there. You have no roommate.".
             There were a few things though, that I did pick up on through out the movie. I thought that it was quite weird how Charles and Marci kind of just popped up out of no where all of the time. The first time that Marci was shown in the movie was in the park. I noticed that while Charles and John were talking, she was running around on the grass, through a bunch of pigeons, but the pigeons didn't move. In real life if you were to run through a bunch of pigeons, they would go flying everywhere. That caught my eye right away. .
             Also, when John was supposedly at the gate punching in the code after looking at his arm and "Advisor William Parcher" showed up in her car screaming that "they are following us" and so forth, the camera viewed the side of the brick building and I noticed that the cars had no shadows.

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