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Father Of Linguistics (Chomsky)

             The work of Noam Chomsky one of modern linguistics most influential contributors, changed all approaches to language, from origination in ancient Greece to the teachings of his own teachers. Chomsky embraced a challenge of questioning the assumptions of linguistic research, pertaining to both empiricist and nonempiricist methods (Newmeyer 1986:66). Noam Chomsky added innovative insight to the way the world thought of linguistics as a discipline. Chomsky is a renowned professor (for his studies in the field on linguistics from 1950 to the present day) of linguistics at MIT. Chomsky, one of North America's most prominent political dissidents authored over 30 political books analyzing issues such as U.S. intervention in the developing world, the political economy of human rights and the propaganda role of corporate media. The care Chomsky exhibits for the unvoiced people of the world is depicted through in his theory of the innateness and creativity of language as a whole. By carefully analyzing Chomsky's life, the philosophical study of language, and his many contributions to the field of linguistics, one will see his influence over widely accepted notions regarding the study of linguistics. His substantial addition to the field cannot be overlooked in a survey of linguistics, for he alone created many breakthroughs in his proven theories and style of research.
             Born, Avram Noam Chomsky, in Philadelphia in 1928, to an average middle-class family. Noam's father, William Chomsky, had emigrated to the United States from the Ukraine before Noam's birth. The elder Chomsky was a Hebrew scholar who also worked in the field of linguistics; he published some works surrounding the morphophonemics in Hebrew. Noam Chomsky studied under linguist Zellig S. Harris at the University of Pennsylvania, and in the process, earned his bachelor's and master's degrees. The early stages of Chomsky's theories of language appear in his University of Pennsylvania Ph.

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