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Observations in Germany

            My Observations of German Transportation.
             I noticed that in Germany most of the vehicles' look a lot different then those here in Canada. While a few were somewhat similar most were different. The front ends of most of the vehicles in Germany came down at very steep angles. Trucks were not common at all in Germany as the roads in most places are just too narrow for them. The few trucks there are, are mainly semis', these semis along with buses cut straight down in the front. It was very common for their whole front ends to be a large window. Many of the vehicles we saw were Mercedes Benz. There were cars, vans, buses and even semi's that were Mercedes Benz. Out of the many taxis' we were in I do not recall one that was not a Mercedes Benz. Another thing that was very common in Germany were Scooters. .
             I found myself and my companions getting car sick fairly often, which for most of us was uncommon. I found that in Germany they drive very close to one another, that almost all of the cars there are standard, that most people lay on the breaks and gas fairly heavy and that they take corners at higher than expected speeds. I am quite sure that those factors along with the fact that the roads are so narrow that when we had the SERC hockey team's bus we sometimes had to drive with two wheels up on the curb were the causes of our unexpected queasy feelings. .
             When a few of us went on a train trip to go see a couple of castles, we noticed that many students (including elementary students) use the trains as school buses to get to schools in different towns and that many adults use the trains as a ride to work. We also noticed that traveling for six hours by train when you have to switch trains about every 45 minutes and only have about five minutes to make each switch isn't a good task to take on when none of you speak any German. We learned this the hard way.
             I also thought it was neat how in the downtown of all the cities and town we were in, most of the downtown areas where all the stores are, did not allow driving.

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