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Beauty and the Beast Gender Roles

             Belle, Beast, Gaston, the candle guy, and clock guy all play a role in the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast". Of course, since we have man/woman roles in society, so does the movie. In the movie, the Woman has roles such as the helpless innocent type, while the Men have the very aggressive, persuasive, and charming roles. The writers of this movie sure are very comical in viewing the gender roles of today's society, and using them as a foundation for this movie.
             Looking at Belle, we can see she is a girl, with her pretty face, girly characteristics and soft voice. She's usually seen smiling, always attracting various types of men, but reversibly she's not a whore or prostitute. Her personality is very innocent, warm and hearty. Her role as a girl in this movie is well a princess. Being a princess means looking pretty and being rescued by a hero basically. That's where we have the gender role of the man come in. .
             There are various types of men in this movie. First of all, there is a character Disney calls the Beast. Judging from the movie, he is 2 times the height of Belle and 5 times the weight of Belle. He's hairy, dirty, and always in an abusive mood. Even though he's the Beast, he's considered a man, somehow. This guy is like a monster, but with a gentle and kind heart. To classify him in simple Disney terms, he is the gentle giant, or a fierce warrior with a civilized heart. .
             Gaston, Disney's version of the very arrogant and conceited Englishman, is another male character in the movie "Beauty and the Beast". His muscles make up most of his character design, and he carries an old style musket to hunt down many prized animals. Since Disney made Gaston one of the main characters in the movie, he must be very huge and intimidating. A stereotypical thing that Gaston does is talk all about him and nothing else. Of course, not all guys are arrogant and conceited little brats. .
             There are two common castle hold objects characters that are in the movie, the clock guy and the candle guy.

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