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The Rise Of The French National Front

             The French Front National (or FN) has been, and currently is, the most successful extreme.
             right-wing party in post World War Two Europe. Indeed, not since Nazi Germany has such .
             an extremist party gained mass support, or caused other political rivals such concern over .
             it's success in elections. Essentially the FN have proved that, given the circumstances, there.
             is still room for right-wing extremism in today's politics. The question is though, how have.
             the Front and its founding leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen, been able to penetrate into the .
             mainstream politics of modern day democratic France?.
             This essay will attempt to answer such a question by analysing three main areas of the .
             Firstly, we will look at its increasing popularity during election results since the party was.
             founded in the Seventies .
             Secondly, we will analyse why the party has gone from strength-to-strength over the years .
             by looking at its policies, it's voters and Le Pen himself.
             And thirdly we must come to the conclusion of whether the Front has played a significant .
             roll in French politics and society and look at the parties future prospects.
             The FN and Electoral Performance:.
             As stated earlier, the Front National was formed by Jean-Marie Le Pen (who still .
             remains its currant leader) in 1972. It was an attempt to form a coalition of extreme.
             right-wing groups and raise the profile of extreme nationalism into mainstream politics.
             However, Le Pen was careful to distance himself traditional right-wing parties, and was also.
             careful to steer the FN away from claims that they were a fascist party. As Alistair Cole .
             "From its inception the FN leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen, strove to demarcate the Front from .
             earlier, especially violent manifestations of the extreme-right tradition."1.
             Indeed Cole refers to the FN as a "Reluctant anti-establishment party,"2 and it is clear that.
             Le Pen had a strategy to resurrect the French extreme-right on the, "basis of an electoralist .

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