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John Steinbeck - Grapes of Wrath vs Of Mice and Men

             During the 1930's, the United States was faced with a vast amount of complications. Some of these problems were the Great Depression, The Dust .
             Bowl, rise of socialism, racism and many others.
             One of the greatest impacts that these issues had created was the status of the economy of the United States. This can be related to the narrative of The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. From the start of the novel, the Joad family is forced off their own farm to live elsewhere by the bank that owns the land. There had been a drought and their farming season had been unprofitable so they could not pay the debts they owed the bank. .
             This drought was a very long drought. It was known as the Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl caused the crops to decline in quality to the point of failure. This drove many farmers out of a job.
             Other than having a huge effect on the economy, the Dust Bowl affected the social climate of the 1930's. The south has always been in favor of slavery. When the Dust Bowl destroyed farms, slaves were no longer needed to work the arid land so they had nowhere to go. They would be out of work and die of starvation.
             Not only was the Dust Bowl a huge problem, but the Great Depression also was a cloud hanging over the 1930's. The Great Depression occurred on October 24, 1929. This created the problems of deflation and unemployment. The amount of unemployed people from the Dust Bowl added to the Depression puts the nation into a downfall.
             Many people argue that the Great Depression was prolonged by government actions. "In 1929, government revenues fell because of the drop in economic activity. .
             The Hoover administration and the Congress increased taxes in a futile .
             attempt to balance the budget. The tax increase only caused a further drop in economic activity, which enlarged the deficit even more." .
             The Dust Bowl not only had an effect on the south, but on the north and the west as well.

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