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Amistad review

             My reaction to the movie “Amistad” was of mixed emotions. Horror, anger, sadness, and a plethora of a other emotions ran through my mind as the movie went on. There were many important parts in the movie, the part where the slaves took over the ship, their capture and their torture on the ship, their trials, and the return to Africa. Each scene had a new emotion with it.
             The most important scene to the movie in my opinion is the scene in where the slave are kidnapped and brought over to America. As the movie started I tried to put myself in the slaves shoes as well as I possibly could. Before the slaves were capture their lives were as normal and as happy as yours or mine, but in an instant they were captured and thrown on a ship. Men, woman, and children were stripped of their clothes and thrown on a ship. Husbands had to watch their wives and children be thrown into little corridors and suffer. While they themselves just tried to survive. Villages that were once united as friends were forced to turn against each other to survive. In order to get food you had to fight for it which meant turning against your friend and stealing there’s.
             At this point I thought to myself, how can these people call themselves religious, God loving men? I was deeply saddened by the fact that families had to split up and not be able to be with each other anymore. One moving part in this scene was when the wife of the main character held up his baby so he could see him. This scene was very moving to me because parents always tell their kids that they have an unconditional love for them and they could not ever be separated from them. To see that the only way you could see your kid was by having people pass you them to you in the run, while it is crying from hunger must have been one of the most painful things to feel to him.
             When the main characters wife jumped over the ship with his baby, my stomach hit the floor.

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