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Falsehood in A Street Car Named Desire

            Falsehood in A Street Car Named Desire.
             Throughout life, people use false information to either hide or protect other information for their own benefit or maybe someone else's. They try to hide the present, future and usually the past. Using these has become a way of life for some people and most of what they are talking about has falseness to it. In Tennessee William's book A Streetcar Named Desire, Blanch Dubois uses lies, fantasies and symbolic actions to escape the harsh reality of her life. .
             In the play, Blanch uses fantasies to hide the bitter reality of her life. One of Blanch's fantasies includes her dreaming of Shep Huntly and that he will come and take her away from her hardships in life. An example of this is when she says openly that if Shep came to take her away that she would leave with him. When people fantasize seldom, it is thought of as normal, but when someone fantasizes over a person that they want back excessively, then there is a problem. Just as Blanch always dreams that Mitch actually wants to come back and that he wants to take her back when that is not true. Another one of Blanch's fantasies is that she does not want to die alone so she wants to die on a cruise ship surrounded by lots of people that way she would not feel alone. Through these fantasies Blanch expresses her want to hide from her reality using these fantasies. .
             Blanch also uses lies to escape her unacceptable reality in the play. One of the most very important lies in the play is when Blanch lies to Mitch about her age so they will get married is a big problem. If a person loves his or her spouse, then they will not lie to them about something as meaningless as their age because if Mitch was going to marry her, but then would not because of her age, then he did not love her. This shows that Blanch has insecurities that must be dealt with. Another straight-out lie is when Blanch says that Shep Huntly has been sending her telegrams and that he badly wants her to come there and visit him.

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