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Cultural and Axioms

            In this essay I will discuss culture, cultural axioms, and how .
             I will discuss how people interact with each .
             other in relation to culture, cultural axioms, and how ethnocentrism related to .
             Diana Kendall, in Sociology In Our Times, culture is defined as: .
             "The knowledge, language, values, customs, and material objects that are passed from person to person and from one generation to the next in a human group or society." (65).
             Cultures do not always share the same characteristics, they might have a .
             common language for example; my culture we all speak English. We all share the .
             same family traditions, which have been passed from generation one generation .
             to the next such as; Christmas, Easter, and Weddings. (Barak).
             Cultural axioms are best defined from Tamotsu Shibutani's textbook:.
             "How people are of the norms by which they organize much of their lives varies. These are often taken for granted and regarded as self-evident." (69.
             Cultural axioms are the way things are done in our culture compared with other .
             cultures. What we are used to in our culture compared to another, for example.
             when we travel to another country and there way of life is somewhat different .
             than what we are used to, for example food in Germany is different than food in .
             Saskatoon. Cultural axioms can also affect communication and reflect the way .
             we act with others, for example in some countries it is normal to burp after a .
             meal where if someone did that at my table I would be insulted. (Barak).
             Ethnocentrism relates to culture because ethnocentrism is defined as:.
             "The belief of in the superiority of one's culture compared with.
             that of others." (Kendall 669).
             Ethnocentrism relates to culture because it shapes us to who we are. Cultres .
             have valves, ethnocentrism as well, and people will make themselves superior .
             to another culture. Culture is the way people are and all cultures vary from one .
             group to the next. People act that way because they are taught and it's passed .

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