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Music classifications

            Music has the ability to shape one's mind. Throughout history it has been blatantly obvious that this favored type entertainment have changed with the passing times. The growth of music has led to an expansions to ones freedom of expression. These changes cause divisions in music which then cause divisions in society. Any man who says that music doesn't play a major role in ones life is deserving of pity. Every man today fits under at least one classification of music. Musical styles can go hand and hand with one's personality. .
             Look at three categories of music. For example, Rock, Rap, and Classical, every group has a certain stereotype that society looks upon. Looking at Rap fans one can notice that they seem to usually enjoy the "ghetto" life. The quick speaking rhyming sound is usually aimed for the urban setting and speaks of poverty, drugs, money, and fame. This can generate a person to stereotypically wear baggy pants, work boots, a silver chain with a medallion attached to it and name brand clothes such as Tommy, Timberland, Echo, or Polo Jeans. This type of person may also use slang words such as "yo" or "ya buggin." Music has aided to a new kind of personality that has never existed. Some dislike this form of self expression and would rather go for something less "ghetto" and listen to a form of Rock. .
             Another category, Rock, has a different style then Rap. This form of music is more based in the use of the guitar. A Rock fan tends to like the style and unique sound that either an electric guitar or acoustic guitar generates. This style creates a person that some feel are very "grunge." This stereotype usually means that the person dresses in blue jeans with the knee ripped, an old tee-shirt with long hair that needs a good washing. This head-banging sound helps Rock fans express themselves the way they want. The sound of the music correlates with the style of dress.

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