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Comparing cousin kate and the seduction

            In the following piece of coursework I will compare two poems and pick out the differences and the similarities between the two. The two poems I will be comparing are, Cousin Kate by Christina Rosseti, and the other one being The Seduction by Eileen McAuley.
             The two poems have been written at two different times, we can know this by the type of language the two poems have used and also by the way the male seduces the female. But regardless of the times they give out the same message to the readers.
             The Seduction was written approximately in the twentieth century. At around about the nineteen eighty's or the nineteen ninetee's. Whereas Cousin Kate was written in approximately the pre nineteenth century,.
             The two titles are very different as with The Seduction you can tell what it's going to be about. But in Cousin Kate you have no idea what it's going to be about.
             The Seduction gives you the image of a person trying to seduce another person by using a type of object.
             By hearing the name Cousin Kate you think to yourself that it's going to be about a person or their life.
             The stories of the poem are very similar though. In the poem written by Eileen McAuley the plot is that a guy gets an innocent teenage girl, gets her drunk and makes her pregnant. The girl doesn't find out that she is pregnant until three months after the day when she had sex. .
             The story for Christina Rosseti's poem is that. The lord seduces Cousin Kate by his money and his riches after having a son with the unknown lady who is telling us the poem in, Cousin Kate.
             Both the poems structures were in versus but Christina Rosseti's Cousin Kate has got six small versus and The Seduction has got fourteen small ones and one big one. Which is verse nine. This verse changed the structure of the whole poem, as this was where Eileen McAuley changed the topic, from the actual seduction to the pregnancy.
             The rhyming schemes were different in both poems.

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