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The Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

            There are many characteristics that are common traits with most entrepreneurs.
             the most common characteristics of entrepreneurs are as follows:.
             An overwhelming drive to achieve. .
             Entrepreneurs often have an inner drive to succeed .
             that pushes them toward success. They have a great motivation to excel and often refuse to give up. They are determined and persistent in their goals. They are never easily .
             discouraged. Successful entrepreneurs have ambition and are very goal oriented.
             Negotiation skills. .
             Entrepreneurs possess excellent negotiation skills. They are skilled in .
             knowing what they want and what they are willing to give in return. Successful .
             negotiations end with both parties walking away satisfied. This is not always easy to achieve.
             Leadership. .
             Entrepreneurs have high leadership skills and very assertive personalities. .
             They are independent, self-starters and take the initiative in situations. They possess .
             creative minds and creative energy that offer unique ideas to situations.
             Follow Through.
             Entrepreneurs meet all commitments and deadlines on time. They .
             follow through with research and data collection in timely manners.
             Positive mental attitude.
             Entrepreneurs exhibit confidence and believe in their ability to .
             succeed. They have experienced failures and tend not to make the same mistakes twice.
             Tendency to anticipate developments. .
             Entrepreneurs make things happen, rather than reacting to things that happen. They tend to see the big picture and are highly focused on working towards their goals.
             Resourcefulness. .
             Successful entrepreneurs can handle unique problems in unique ways. They are willing to take calculated risks and experiment to find out what works best. .
             Entrepreneurs are usually tight with their money and make wise financial decisions.
             Communication abilities.
             These skills cannot be overstressed in entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs have worked at developing the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

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