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Vietnam war

             *Describe two ways in which the war in Vietnam changed the United States.
             *Show how one of the changes that you have discussed had an impact on the U.S. that last to this day.
             The Vietnam War was one of the Longest and most brutal wars for the United States. The U.S. was very shocked at the out come of this war becuse they lost more men in this war than any other war they been in. During the war the American people were split in half. If they were for the war they were called the war hawks and if they were against the war they were called doves.
             The U.S. went into this war very confident thinking they could use their new advance technology to defeat the North Vietnamese. They were very surprise because it did not work. The North Vietnamese use guerilla warfare tatics and they were fighting in thick jungle areas. The Vietnamese did not wear uniforms and there was no clear battlefront. This changed the U.S. attitude about rushing into war and thinking that there new technology would let them just cruising through a war. Especially when they are fighting against a country who has a well determine spirit of nationalism.
             In past wars like World War one and two the American people were fully behind the congress and President in fighting those wars. That's why they were very sucessful in winning the war. In the Vietnamese war half the people wanted it and the other half didn't want it. To be successful in a war you need a well prepared and supportive public. During the Vietnamese war there was a resistance to war.There were student protests, draft resisters and protest marches.
             I think one of the changes that happen after the war that still last today is to have a well supported public. If we were to go into a war now the pblic would know and fully understand what is going on and be very supportive.The U.S. learn many costly lessons in the Vietnam war and hope not to repeat what they did.

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