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New Harmony

            Although the 1820's was a time of industrialization, hopefulness and well being, it was also a time of sociable distress. Ideas of everyone being able to flourish in life arose during this time. The Harmony Society was a good example of how the beginnings of pre-communistic societies were formed. Though New Harmony made many contributions, it failed as a society.
             By 1824, a Scottish industrialist named Robert Owen had ideas of creating a social system in which each human being's needs were met through education, happiness and unity. He hoped to create a model community where educational and social equality would prosper. Through his communal system Owen believed that unity would prevail over individual interest. Everyone in the community would have a few hours of their own trade. He wanted a non-violence system in which all war and punishment were condemned. .
             Within a year, 1825, New Harmony had prospered. People such as William Maclure, (a wealthy, educated and also a Scotsman) joined Owen in 1825. He believed in Owens ideas and thought that he had good intentions. He believed Owen's plan would work if he was able to get the people to cooperate and learn to work and live together because the main goal of America at this point was "making money". Many people such as William Pelham came to New Harmony because they wanted "mental liberty" and the ability to speak their mind without prejudice against others. Other people who were struggling in their businesses came to New Harmony in search of a better life. Thomas and Sarah Pears and their seven children came to New Harmony from Pennsylvania because of this in 1826.
             A year or so after the prosperity of New Harmony, its flaws started to show. By 1826 though New Harmony was set out to be a unified community, it really wasn't. New Harmony was split into different communities with different interests. Religious differences started interfering with the equality of the people, because some people could not put their religious and racist views behind them, and didn't perceive others as equal to themselves.

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