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Silence of The Lambs

             This scene is the first meeting between FBI agent Clarice Starling and Dr. Actually this is the real beginning of the story. It sets up all the things happened thereafter. There are altogether four scenes in which Clarice and Dr. Lecter meet in the whole film. Each scene represents a step forward of their special relationship. It is especially the script and acting of the two Academy Award-winning actors that attracts me and reminds me of this scene.
             The impact of this scene is both dramatic and meaningful. It is dramatic because Dr. lecter is an interesting person. He is a psychiatrist as well as a psychopath. He is intelligent and dangerous. The process of interviewing him is already very dramatic.
             It is meaningful because this is the first meeting between Clarice and Dr. Lecter. Their special relationship prospers after this interview. Moreover, it is Dr. Lecter's hint that enables Clarice to find out more about the serial killer Bill.
             The scene opens with a gate sliding past FBI Agent Clarice Starling. She received a mission from her supervisor Jack Crawford which was an interview with the notorious psychopath Dr. Hannibal Lecter.
             Clarice walked through a corridor with some prison cells on the side. The prisoners were very frightening. When she saw Dr. Lecter, she was surprised to find that he was a gentleman and spoke in a courteous way. After looking at Clarice's credentials, Dr. Lecter told Clarice to sit down. Dr. Lecter sensed Clarice's smells and was able to tell the brand name of the cosmetics. When Clarice talked about his dawings, Dr. Lecter said that memory was what he had instead of a view. Clarice then took out the questionnaire but Dr. Lecter refused to do it. Dr. Lecter was shocked by Clarice's insights of serial killers. Dr. Lecter then looked at the questionnaire. He thought that the questionnaire was useless to him. he then turned to Clarice and analysed her just by her appearance and accent.

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