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Unionization of the UMWA

             Throughout history, within the forming of the American Labor Foundation, the United Mine Workers of America have no doubt led the way with their leadership. They set the standard for collective bargaining for the American industrial revolution of the 20th century. Their principles and guidelines, power and unity and unmatched leadership have inspired all future generations of blue-collar workers for over 10 years. The continued efforts throughout all of the hard ships of trials and tribulation attest to the coal miner's dedication to endure the forming of a strong union.
             Table of Contents.
             Abstract 2.
             Table of Contents .3.
             Founding of the UMWA . .4.
             John L. Lewis . .4.
             Forming of the CIO . .5.
             Battles of the UMWA . 6.
             Current standings of the UMWA .8.
             The Scab .9.
             References Cited 10.
             In 1890, the founding of the United Mine Workers of America was formed in Columbus Ohio. The merging of the National Progressive Union of Miner and mine laborers formed them and the Knights of Labor Trade assemble no 135. The first act of the United Mine Workers of America convention was to bar any discrimination based on race, religion, or national origin. They foresaw the diminishing affects of any and all racial discrimination. This was although, the national standard of this era.
             The founding delegates also instituted stands for the miner to receive a portion of profits earned by their work. This agreement, poised by the delegates, would allow all honorable means to keep peace between the union and the companies. Their intention was to arbitrate and conciliate to eliminate the need for strikes.
             Throughout the years, the United Mine Worker of Americans has had many irreplaceable leaders.

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