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The Analysis of Everybody Loves Raymond

            The Analysis of Everybody Loves Raymond.
             Everybody Loves Raymond was first televised on September 13th, 1996. The show revolves around the central character, Ray Barone. He's a successful sportswriter living in New York with his wife Debra, their daughter Ally who is eight years old, and their four year old twins, Geoffrey and Michael. The show brings a lot of laughter due to the fact of Ray's intrusive parents, Frank and Marie. They live directly across the street from Ray and Debra. Ray's brother, Robert, is a police officer and divorcee who constantly lives in the shadows of Ray's successful career and life. And so the show begins.
             Ray Barone, played by Ray Ramano, is far from the ideal husband and father figure. He is a sports columnist in his mid-thirties, and works very hard at achieving some semblance of tranquility in his home. He has to side with either his wife or his mother when it comes to perpetuate arguments or debates, which he usually gives in to his mother. This is where the source of all the fun for the episodes comes from. His best moments come when the viewers get to see his expression when he is caught red-handed.
             Debra Barone is acted out by Patricia Heaton. She is Ray's wife, and an aggressively funny, but strong-minded woman. She is a typical, modern-day wife who cooks, cleans and takes care of the kids. Despite being imperfect with Ray's parents, Debra continues to always make peace with her in-laws. She tries to stick to her strong opinions, but always fails and gives in to Ray or Marie.
             Doris Roberts plays the character Marie. She is the paramount mother of Ray. She loves to cook and feed anyone. She's adores Ray and the grand-kids". Sometimes she will cherish Robert, but she shows more love to Ray. For the most part Marie does not like Debra. She feels Debra does not fit well into the family. Her remedy to any problem is to offer something delicious to eat. Debra can be portrayed as the mother-figure of the show because she parents Ray, Debra, Robert, and even Frank sometimes.

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