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             The term partnering is relatively new, but the concept is actually old, and it is becoming more and more popular. The theory behind partnering is simple: treat each other fairly and with respect, communicate, and create a shared vision of the project. Partnering must be owner driven and have the complete support of the top management of all parties.
             Partnering involves establishing a long-term relationship between companies to develop and exploit technology, products, and markets. The nature of the relationship depends on each partner's strategic objectives. The key to a successful relationship is combining the right set of options so that the objectives of both companies are met.
             Partnering creates a symbiotic relationship that draws on the particular strengths of the individual companies. An example of partnering is when a well-established company seeks a partnering relationship to obtain access to new technologies and products, and an emerging technology company is looking to finance growth and obtain manufacturing and/or distribution channels. Another example is when one firm is responsible for the exterior portion of the project and another with more interior experience is responsible for the project's interior package.
             Customers are looking for powerful, proven business intelligence technologies, plus worldwide service and support. Partners play a critical role in delivering enterprise solutions and commitment to establishing and nurturing winning relationships with many different partner types - from distributors to value added resellers, training and consulting partners, and OEM relationships. .
             Corporate Partnering is one of the most powerful and cost effective business tools for dealing with fast changing markets, technologies and customers. As the global economy speeds up, corporate partnering is becoming the weapon of choice for today's successful business competitors.
             You can use corporate partnering to rapidly meet your needs for essential business resources such as more customers, additional capital, new and better products, new distribution channels, additional facilities, increased production capacity, and more personnel.

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