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The must-have accessory for the new century?

             Today's society is based around communication. All over the world, every second of the day people are communicating. This type of phenomenon is possible because of such inventions as cellular phones. Since the beginning of human existence our societal evolution has been contributed largely in part to the advancements in communication. Technological advancements such as spoken and written language are consider tremendous stepping stones of human evolution. Cellular technology has the capability to become the next stepping stone of societal evolution. The market demographic and demand for cellular technology are both very high which means the advancements will only continue.
             As we progress into the 21st century communication is becoming more of a necessity. Everyone from the corporate big-wig to the high school student are using wireless technology to communicate. The market for wireless communication has become larger than that of its "older brother"-- telephone land lines. According to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), "there is currently more than 60 million wireless customers today" (Oblivion). Its difficult to imagine that the cellular business was just a $3 million kitten in the market 25 years ago, and is now a Lion, "King of the Jungle" that produces over $30 billion in annual revenues (Oblivion). Wireless communication became a business 25 years ago, but in 1947 it was a basic concept. The closest relative to the modern cellular phone is the mobile car phone of the late 40's. When researchers looked at crude mobile car phones they realized that by, "using small (range of service area) with frequency reuse could increase the traffic capacity of the phones" (History of ). However the ability to progress their blueprint relied on cellular technology that they did not have yet. Not until 1975 when Dr. Martin Cooper invented and patented the first ever cellular phone for the Motorola company.

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