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British policy concerning Ireland

             Bilateral relations of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
             Modern Britain cannot be understood except as the centre of a vast finance-capitalist Empire. Within this context Ireland, Britain's oldest colony, occupies a special position.
             Ireland was never part of Britain: ethnically, politically and culturally her people are distinct. The effort of successive ruling classes in Britain to assert overlordship in Ireland, and the centuries-long struggle of the Irish people for independence, are the essence of the 'Irish Question'. The recent outcome has been the halving of Ireland's population in a hundred years and an Irish community, over a million strong, distributed through the cities of Britain. In order to understand what Britain and Ireland are today, we must compare the present with the past. We have in this work to trace the evolution of relations between these islands. Consequently, actuality of this subject consists in the solution of territorial claims of both countries using diplomacy, but not military forces as before. The histories of these islands interpenetrate.
             In IV B.C. Celtic tribes settled territory of Ireland. Primitive communal system took clannish organisation's form.
             Since 795 Ireland underwent Norman's invasions. But the Irish didn't tolerate it.
             In 1169-1171 Anglo -Norman feudal lords invaded Ireland. And there they created English colony named Pale. .
             At the end of XVI and at the beginning of XVII occurred colonisation of Munster, Ulster and part of Leinster. During two centuries English colonisers took about 85% of all Irish lands.
             1688-1691 there was Irish rebellion, which was suppressed by the English.
             At the end of XVII and at the middle of XVIII the English fought with the Irish Catholics and they promulgated laws against catholic conspiracies. But later because of opposition's pressing the English government had to repeal some laws and to restore self-government of the Irish parliament.

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