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Girl, Interrupted

             Book Report: Girl, Interrupted Sane or normal people have wondered at one time or another what it is like in a hospital that houses the insane. Susanna Kaysen opens the door to the reality and true insanity of being a patient in a mental hospital renowned for tis famous ex-patients, including Ray Charles Sylvia Plath, and James Taylor in her book, Girl, Interrupted. She stays focused on reality and her idea of perception as well as the friendships she acquires in her two year stay at McLean Hospital and her recovery period once she is released. Girl, Interrupted, written by Susanna Kaysen, is a documentation of her tay in a psychiatric hospital including events building up to her taxi ride to the hospital and her recovery period outside the hospital. Susanna voluntarily admitted herself into McLean Hospital on April 27, 1967 after just one visit with a psychiatrist who had pushed her into thinking she needed "rest". She was told that she would only be staying for a couple of weeks. Those couple of weeks turned into six hundred seventeen days. Susanna's roommate, Georgina, was admitted after a tidal wave of darkness had broke over he head in a theater. When she realized noone else was experiencing this sensation, she knew she had gone crazy. along with Georgina, Suanna was friends with a group of girls including Lisa, Polly, and Cynthia. Lisa never slept and rarely ate so she was always thin and yellow. She was very independent and often ran away. Even though she was always caught, she yearned for that freedom that she had tasted on the outside. Polly was a girl who had set herself on fire using gasoline at an age when she wasn't even old enough to drive. Her neck and cheeks were scarred the most, but strangely enough she was never unhappy. Kind and comforting to others, Polly never complained and always had time to listen to other people. Not much was said about Cynthia except that she would have electric shock therapy once a week and would come back crying.

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