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             Snakes are scaly, legless, sometimes-poisonous reptiles having a long tapering, cylindrical body. Snakes are both loved and feared all over the world by many people. There are many different species of snakes but there are only two categories poisonous and nonpoisonous in the world. When dealing with snakes there are six points that you need to know. .
             The first point is first aid. If a snake bites a person the first thing is to keep the person calm, reassure them that the bite can be effectively treated in an emergency room. Restrict the person from moving around; keep the wounded area below the level of the heart to slow down the flow of venom. Remove all rings or constricting items because the infected area may be swelling. Make a loose splint to help restrict movement of the area. If the area of the bite start to change colors and swell the snake was probably poisonous. Monitor the person's vital signs, temperature, pulse, breathing, and blood pressure if available. If there are any signs of shock such as paleness, lay the victim flat on the ground and raise the feet about a foot above the ground and cover them with a blanket. Get medical help right away. Bring in the dead snake only if this can be done with out further injuries. When transporting the snake watch out for the head it can still bite from the reflexes for up to an hour. The second point is prevention. Even though most snakes are not poisonous avoid picking them up or playing with them. Many snake bite happen when some one provokes the snakes. When hiking in an area known to have snake always wear boot and long pant. Avoid places where snakes might hide. While walking in the wood or anywhere tap in front of your path before entering the area. Snakes will attempt to avoid you if you give them an adequate warning. Consider buying a snakebite kit.
             The third point consideration. There are over 8,000 poisonous snakes bites, most of them happen in the summer season.

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