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            Imagine packing all your necessities that you bring to the beach. The sand is warm and the weather is clear like never before. Taking off your sandals you start walking towards the water and find a sign that says: Water polluted no swimming allowed! This would have never crossed your mind but in reality it just did. Ocean pollution is a major problem affecting the entire planet. Not only does it affect the organisms which habitat the waters but also he health of humans and resources. Some major causes of ocean pollution include oil spills, toxic waste and hazardous materials that are dumped into the ocean. .
             Oceans suffer more than just occasional oil spills. When it comes to oil mixing into the waters, only 5 percent of oil pollution is caused by accident. The two main causes of accidental oil spills are large ships leaking oil or ships that are carrying oil crashing into things in the ocean. Only major disasters make the headlines, but what people don't know is that millions and billions of oil quietly leak into the ocean naturally every year. .
             The most harmful form of pollution to marine life and humans is toxic waste. Toxic waste is material waste that is hazardous to human health and our natural environment. Toxic waste is caused by leaks of landfills, dumps, mines and farms. The chemicals used for farms and heavy metals from factories have very harmful effect on humans and marine organisms. .
             One of the most popular places to dump garbage is the ocean. People thought that since the ocean was so large the garbage would just sink to the bottom, but they were wrong. Chemicals have been found in the bodies of dead whales and dead fish in high concentration enough to harm and kill people. .
             When ocean pollution harms organisms that live in the ocean, it can quickly be passed along the food chain. For many people, most in developing countries, fish is the main source of dietary protein.

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