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The fall of the house of usher

            The fall of The House of Usher is a dark and gloomy narrative containing many gothic elements and quite deep meaning that requires a lot of thought to comprehend. At first this content is not exactly obvious, but upon completing the story and begin to process the story, a new and grand layer arises, one hardly ever thought of, and yet it is found a good portion of Poe's writings. Edgar Allen Poe intertwined a very deep meaning and creates a new layer in The Fall of the House of Usher; more than what just appears as the story goes. This layer adds almost a new meaning to the story. But what exactly was the message Poe was trying to communicate and send to us, and why is it buried so deep throughout the text?.
             This story is full of deep and apparently unclear meaning. But quite the contrary, once you find the deep layer. One main use of this is the poem called The Haunted Palace, which Usher reads to himself in the story. This particular poem he reads goes to show the milieu of the story. It also shows and makes clear for any reader a link between Usher's family, and the actual house. "Once a fair and stately palace, radiant palace reared its head." This is somewhat obvious line from the poem talking about evil things that happen in the Haunted Mansion. This is precisely what happens to the house of Usher as well as himself. As time had past by before the house, it had fallen apart, portraying the feelings of the people in it. All of the inhabitants in Usher's house seem to have brought all this trouble upon themselves. .
             Also the twins, being Roderick, and Madeline have a large representation in The House of Usher. Roderick in a way, represents evil, and is the more twisted one; where the other one, being Madeline represents good, and "heavenly" philosophical ideas. Many things, including the evil twin, Roderick, seem to continually create a setting of an evil presence. Most are based off of topics such as philosophical ideas including death, heaven and hell.

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