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South American Artists

            com is maintained by a group of art collectors in the USA. It is a great place for a beginner like me in that it gives important information about artists along with their works. This "portal" deals with modern artists. This will be an excellent opportunity to understand contemporary Latin American artists and what is going on in South America. .
             Cesar Menedez was born in Sansonate, El Salvador in 1954. According to the Latino Museum of History and Culture, Menendez's paintings are in the surreal style exploring tough themes of like death and tragedy. His first exhibition was held in 1976 in his homeland. .
             A piece of his that intrigued me is called "Mujer y Caballo" in English this means Woman and Horse. This picture is a really confusing. The confusion does seem to show the theme of death and tragedy in this picture. A headless body of a woman and an angry looking horse stand together. .
             It reminds me of a dream a little in that there is an order that in a strange way seems to make sense. This confusing state of disorder along with the sharp colors is fascinating. A museum describes this work as "the metamorphosis from the real to the unreal in ghastly colors, his characters pretend to behave as if they have some significance or are part of a grandiose scheme, but neither is evident and only mystery remains.".
             Looking at it in detail, the horse is looking in a certain direction as though something is going on. This picture makes me feel like a pile of things was crowd together to form this picture. The naked body and fierce horse with its red eyes does not make sense to me. I wonder if this chaotic picture is his personal style or a reaction to something that happened when Menedez younger?.
             Another one of his pictures is called "Temas del Infierno" in English it is translated as topics of the inferno. This picture shocks me more then the previous one. The sky is a dark red color people here are obviously struggling.

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