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Emotions are High on Notting Hill

             The film Notting Hill is a surprisingly excellent picture. In this film Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) a very successful film star meets and falls in love with William Thacker (Hugh Grant) ,a travel book store owner from Notting Hill London. Although that may seem to be a very basic plot, the film does an outstanding job of exploiting the complications that come with fame and the inability to lead a "normal" life. .
             Julia Roberts portrays her character with seemingly effortless precision and emotion. She seems to have the utmost comfort in dealing with the emotions of Anna Scott in all situations. She displays her ability to play a confident well-poised lady, as well as the emotional down to earth girl next-door aspect of her character. It becomes apparent in the film that Anna's true personality, while complex, is more closely associated with the girl next door than the prominent actress that the public usually got to see. Her delivery is nothing short of spectacular. I got the feeling that this character was in many ways a reflection of Julia's own personality. In the scenes where Anna becomes very emotional Roberts does an outstanding job making the viewers believe that the emotions are in fact real. I for one was convinced. That Miss Roberts in fact incorporated her own emotions into her performance. Throughout the film I felt that miss Roberts was using the emotional recall to immerse her own experiences and emotions from her own very successful acting career. The result in my opinion was magnificent.
             Among the most convincing attributes in Miss Robert's performance was her use of facial expressions and body language. In her close up shots we see a genuinely warm balance when she is happy. The combination of her eyes and her varying smile are what drove home the reality of Anna's true feelings. At the same time the stern and very serious expressions that were displayed during such scenes as when the reporter showed up at Williams house, coupled with the raw emotional tears that flowed as she tried to convey her love to William showed just how complex Anna's character is.

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