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            As a prominent American artist, Georgia Okeefe is famous for her images of gigantic flowers, cityscapes, and distinctive desert scenes. She was considered the premiere female artist of the twentieth century, a title she considered sexist. Georgia Okeefe was more concerned with painting the essential identity of things rather than the mere visual appearance. Okeefe's original American works encompass a wide vision form taut city towers to desertscapes in vivid hues. .
             Georgia Totto Okeefe was born on November 15, 1887 in Sun Prairie Wisconsin. She was the second out of seven children born to the farming family. Education for women was a tradition in her family. Her mother had been educated in the east and all of her sisters became professional women, attesting to her mother's influence on them. .
             Georgia received private art lessons form the age of eleven throughout high school. In 1902 she and her parents moved from Wisconsin to Virginia. Georgia graduated high school in 1905 in Virginia and promptly moved to Illinois to live with an aunt and to attend the Art Institute of Chicago. .
             She did not return the next year for she was struck with typhoid fever, but enrolled in the Art Student League in New York City in 1907. There she visited Alfred Stieglitz's art gallery 291 where she was exposed to such artists as Matisse and Rodin. She did not return to the Student League in 1908 as she became discouraged with her work, she instead returned to Chicago and took work as a commercial artist. She did not pick up a paintbrush for four years, the smell of turpentine, she said, made her sick. .
             She them moved back to Virginia in 1909 and four the next four years took teaching jobs in Texas and Virginia. Her interest in painting was rekindled in 1914 when she moved back to New York and enrolled in Columbia Teacher's College. By the fall of 1915 she was teaching art at Columbia College in South Carolina.

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