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1927 New York Yankees

            The perfect season comes to a perfect end. Last night, the New York Yankees completed the season and winning the World Series by defeating the National League Champions, the Pittsburgh Pirates. New York took both games in Pittsburgh and last night swept the Pirates by winning both games in New York. This Yankee team is in my view the greatest ball team ever assembled. With the guidance of Babe Ruth and the young superstar Lou Gehrig, the Yankees easily took care of the Pirates.
             In game 1, the Yankees, under the fantastic pitching of Waite Hoyt, defeated the Pirates in Pittsburgh 5-4. In game 2, the Yankees hit from all angles with a blowout victory 6-2 in Pittsburgh. In game 3, New York finally saw a home run from their leader and perhaps the greatest player in baseball history, Babe Ruth. The Yankees blew out the Pirates again this time 8-1 in New York. Finally, in game 4 New York wrapped up the World Series by completing the sweep against the Pittsburgh Pirates by the huge home run by Babe Ruth to give them the win 4-3 in New York.
             Some Pirates fans will tell you that Pittsburgh was jinxed. There is a myth going around that the Pirates saw the Yankees during batting practice and that they lost all hope even before the Series began. Or so the story goes. Some say that the Pirates should not have been intimidated by the Yankees because they, too, boasted a number of fine hitters and .
             having won the World Series just two years earlier. But the Pittsburgh Pirates had much to fear because I"m sure that the Pirates saw the amazing batting of Murderer's Row. Murderer's Row is the New York Yankees first batters in the lineup. The Row is a spectacular array of hitting done by the monster hitters Lou Gehrig, Tony Lazzari, Earl Combs, and perhaps the best hitter of all time, Babe Ruth. Watching these players hit can make a pitcher cringe with fear and intimidation. The two big stars in the Row are Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth.

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