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Rap music and it impact in america

             Of the many different types of music, rap music is perhaps the most scrutinize in society. Rap music has been embraced by many youth throughout the world. It would be accurate to say that rap music as a genre is the music of the urban America generation. Even though rap music has been accepted by these youths, society views the music, lyrics and the artist as socially deviant. This brings me to the article entitle "Rap Music and its Violent Progeny: America's Culture of Violence in Context The Journal of Negro Education." The article goes into depth in explaining how people of different minority status view rap music. The author also discusses African American history has redefine how rappers are perceived. I intend to evaluate the article, and go into great detail in answering a few questions.
             Minority status plays an intricate role in the perception of rap music. Majority of rap artist in the industry are from the lower class. Seeing as how rap music has been embraced by so many lower class African Americans, it is clear, and best to say that the artist themselves put out music that is representative of the culture thy are from. The author hints on this when she writes "The larger point is that without critical dialogue with the creators of rap music and its genre, it is difficult if not impossible for outsiders, who are in many cases non-African American and not economically disadvantage, to place lyrics in the intended context." This is very true because the lyrics rappers use in their songs are most commonly words from their personal experiences. In essence you have to breath hip-hop to understand hip-hop. Keep in mind African American artist who have not had other means to succeed in society are not expected to generate so much social capital. So those who are basically on the outside looking in can not fully understand all that which is hip-hop, as well as the music genre of rap.

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