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A Modest proposal

            In the recent years, studies of identical twins has given birth to genetic customization. The idea of genetic customization uses the theory that certain traits and physical abilities can be combined to create another being whos nature can be customized. This enables the parents of the child to foresee the genetic qualities and disadvantages of a child which they could produce. This can lead to the creation of humans who are smarter, stronger, taller, shorter, etc. .
             I propose that an annual festival be held to see who instead can create the most bizarre, strange, unusual, and outlandish child. For example, two Russian immigrants may create Ivana Jumpalot who has incredibly high amounts of energy enabling the child to never stop running and jumping around. Many participants like Ivana are intimidated by the perfection in todays society. Being able to win at a contest for doing nothing but being who she is would be a great boost to her self confidence. All participants in the annual festival could benefit from the glory they could achieve through this occasion.
             Many people have dedicated their lives to the development of genetic customization and for what? So that wealthy families can produce humans with superiority that could dramatically change the world for the good of all? I believe that the hard work of these brilliant scientists should not go unnoticed. The FEH (Festival of Exotic Humans) would honor the men and women who spent their lives in laboratories and delivery rooms, trying to crack the genetic code.
             The FEH would be a great asset to the economic growth of the participants. Many major circus and freak show owners will visit the festival and scout for new stars for their shows. The parents of the first place child may receive up to $20,000 per year if they choose to sign a contract between the son/daughter and a circus or freak show. The normal age for a child to start performing is 6 years old.

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