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Children Throughout History:European vs. Aboriginal

            Children have always been a part of our life and our heritage. The treatment of them however varies through time. Native Canadians treated their children with respect and encouragement, while the Europeans who immigrate to Canada treated their children as small adults, and believed in harsh punishment and not becoming too attached.
             European Settlers.
             From 500-1400's children were treated as miniature adults, being property of the family, especially the father. They could be sold, beaten, neglected, and abused consistently and it was seen as acceptable. Childhood was recognised as a period of life, however children were not allowed to enjoy or indulge in it. The emotion ties of the family were weak. Most children were expected to learn the family trade or for females become a housewife. Males of wealthy families were sometimes the exception.
             In the 1500's with the religious movement well under way, the view of children changed. They were believed to be born naturally "evil", and had to be reformed. It was the responsibility of the parents to raise children, and hence there responsibility to beat this evil out of them. Then children were to be trained and moulded to what the parents wished. Parents who did not beat their children were seen as neglecting them. Methods became less harsh and some parents choose to raise children in a more humane manner over time. .
             Aboriginals .
             The Aboriginals had a very different view on child rearing. In their culture children were considered equal with adults, as opposed to the property the Europeans believed children to be. Community was like an extended family, and everyone had a part in raising the children. Parents were reluctant to use physical discipline, and rarely did. It was seen as important to allow children to explore on their own and discover through experience. Children were also encouraged and talked to as an equal. They believed if a child gained self-respect, they will learn and develop self-control.

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