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            The Islamic Club and the Yemeni Club worked together before the Eid holidays to bring to AUS Professor Malik Ahmed, an English lecturer for the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Awqaf of Dubai and Indian Islamic Centre.
             The title of Professor Ahmed's lecture was "Tolerance of Islam" and the entire evenings event at AUS was entitled "Night of Enlightenment". The event was focused towards non Muslim faculty and staff who participated with Professor Ahmed in an open discussion about the misconceptions of Islam by both Muslims and non Muslims.
             Only two Professors showed up to hear the lecture because of certain individuals in the AUS staff who promised the Islamic and Yemeni Club that personal invitations were going to be sent to all Faculty and Staff. On the day of the lecturer, the event organizers were shocked to find that no emails were sent.
             Professor Ahmed mentioned his delight about the small number of his audience and said that sometimes two people can be better than a 100 because this allowed the setting to be more casual and open. He concluded his lecture by discussing the importance of how Muslims and non Muslims must learn more about one another in order to live peacefully. .
             The event took place in the Arabic Majlis located at the back of the AUS mosque. After the lecture, the non Muslim faculty were given a tour and explanation of the different parts of the mosque and were introduced to different prayer techniques and the theories behind each.
             The audience left the lecture with presents from the Islamic and Yemeni Club which included an English translation of the Holy Quran. .

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