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Two Views: The Chinese Cultural Revolution

             What we have here are two completely different points of views on the Chinese Cultural Revolution that can both be considered correct. Li Zhaoxing is China's ambassador to the United States and is firm believer in the Cultural Revolution and all of it's communist aspects. Our other writer is Wei Jingsheng, one of China's most prominent dissidents in the United States whom is completely and utterly opposed to the Cultural Revolution and the leaders morals. Both bring up important topics about change and adaptation of the Chinese government that need answers or do answer many questions. Although they do believe in different ideas and morals, they do both share a passion for their work. As every topic does in politics, communism and the Cultural Revolution have good and bad things about them.
             Li Zhaoxing points out all of the good things that have come out of the communist based government. These ideas include the vast reduction in poverty, it's long tenure of 50 years, and it's ability to change to meet more western type belief systems without losing it's communist ideas. When he talked about the poverty he mentioned that in it's tenure, the Chinese government has moved 200 million people above the poverty line. He also mentioned that 4 to 5 million are still below that line but the government is moving rapidly to change that. Li Zhaoxing brags continuously about his government's tenure. Although 50 years doesn't seem like a long time to other countries it is long enough to them. He is very proud of the fact that it is 50 years old and going strong. One of the biggest criticisms of the Chinese government is it's inability to adapt to other more modern beliefs that would suit the people better. Li Zhaoxing totally contradicts that and says his country can change when needed and their basic belief system will never be outdated.
             Wei Jingsheng of course is opposed to the Chinese government and is very open about it to classes when she speaks at Columbia and in newspapers or other publications.

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