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English Mercantilism

            English Mercantilism was an economic and political subordination of the colony to the Mother country. England exports furnished goods to the colonies, and in turn imported raw materials from her colonies to feed their industries. Even though many restrictions were placed on the colonist they were able to grow and became more prosperous. There were many advantages that the colonists received from this system, when trade regulations were not rigidly enforced. The colonies experienced many disadvantages to the mercantilism system since to Britain there whole existence was to support the mother country.
             England profited from mercantilism policies. When England passed the Navigation Acts of 1650 it ensured that this economic system would be applied in their colonies. This allowed England to preserve its own natural resources while exploited the natural resources of the colonies without ecological concern, these policies where favorable to England with export being more valuable than the imports. This guaranteed England the market for industrial goods, this meant the more manufacturing the more jobs available for workers in England. .
             The colonist experienced many advantages from mercantilism. England supplied them with built-in markets for their raw products. Salutary Neglect opened a triangular trade with the West Indies, the 13 colonies, and England. Other triangular trade routes developed between the colonies, Africa and the West Indies. Other routes included European ports as well. Any route that took ships to places other than England was supposed to be illegal according to the Navigation Acts. The colonial producers of ship parts were paid liberal bounties from London. The colonist benefited from the protection of the worlds mightiest navy, all with out a penny of cost. Virginia tobacco planters enjoyed a monopoly in the British market, since the British tobacco industry was less profitable.

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