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Music Censorship

            Parents Should Monitor Music, Not the Government.
             Music, an important part of life, without music our world would be a boring, unmemorable and uninspiring place to live. From the religious chanting of the monks to the controversial lyrics of today, music has been a huge part of life since the beginning of time. From the earliest days of music certain groups have looked down on music they feel is offensive, in fact 1909 started the beginning of controversial music with songs that suggested sex (Vautier). Now, governmental organizations such as the Parent's Music Resource Center (PMRC) are trying to censor, and outlaw the music of today. What is music censorship you ask? Music censorship is any discriminatory act that advocates or allows the suppression; control or banning of music or music related works against the wishes of its creator or intended audience. (Nuzum 7).
             Is music censorship right, absolutely not. The censorship of music attacks our constitutional right as Americans to have freedom of expression. Music as a business also plays a big financial role in America and the censorship of it limits concerts, albums, and merchandise selling capability. Also, may Americans find music enjoyable and it is not fair to them if someone outlaws it.
             Freedom of expression, does this mean that an eleven-year-old should hear and understand the lyrics of Alanis Morisette when she sings, "is she perverted like me, will she go down on you in a theater?" (U.S. Government 7). Absolutely not, but it is not the government's place to say that this album should not be sold in stores. It is the parent's responsibility to say that their children should not listen to it. This album, though offensive, is still the expression of the artist and she has the right, as stated in the American Constitution, of freedom of speech. Most Americans will agree that without the freedom of expression American society would collapse.

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