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Robison Crusoe

             Indeed it was the first novel written down in English, in 1719. The Author of this famous English roman is Daniel Defoe. He was a journalist and an author at the same time. It is to be said that there is a strong relationship between Daniel Defoe himself and his famous novel Robinson Crusoe. Some critics and opinions defend that Robinson Crusoe's life has some some parts from the author Daniel Defoe's own live. This novel can also be defined as the myth of white man.
             Robinson Crusoe, the first novel written in English, was taken from a real man's life, named Alexander Selkirk. This man lived alone in an island just like Robinson and he saved his life at the end. The name of the island was "Mas a Tierra" And Alexander Selkirk was on this island between1704 & 1709. The difference of the real story of Alexander Selkirk and Robinson Crusoe's story was the time that they lived on their islands. While Alexander Selkirk stayed just 5 years on Mas a Tierra, Robinson has spend 28 years within his island.
             Now let's look at Robinson Crusoe himself, his life and the time he spent on the island. When he first arrives the island, he becomes so muddled. He doesn't know what to do. The first thing he wants to do is not to forget the time and he finds a chalender from the sunk ship. He trys to keep the necessities of modern life as much as he can. He always trys to act like a civilized man. That's the first rule that he should never and ever forget. An example to this characteristic of Robinson Crusoe can be his behaviour against Friday. The first thing that he teaches Friday is not to eat mankind. He wants his island to be civilized like him. He trys everything to make his island civilized. He's trying to control nature. He went and discovered every part of the island. He build his own house and tried to provide and equip his house with modern furniture.Although he is in an intact and untouched island, he wants to act like a modern, civilized person.

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