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             Franz Kafka (July 3, 1883 - June 3, 1924) has come to be one of the most influential writers of this century. Since his death, Kafka has been recognized as symbolizing man's fantastic realities in a modern world by mixing elements of fantasy and reality to give his writing a feeling of science fiction. Today people go through life encountering "Kafka-esque" experiences, when something occurs in reality that could be easily mistaken for fiction. This technique is also used in the movie The Matrix when Neo, the protagonist, is thrown into the "new world" that looks and feels real but is actually fiction. .
             In fact, Kafka's writing is a lot like The Matrix, a complex computer program run by artificial intelligence in order to create a quaint, completely supervised place for humans to live. "It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth." This produces a "reality beyond reality" that controls all of their lives in a way that Neo can barely comprehend. The people's lives inside the Matrix are completely fiction. The matrix itself is the same height as human civilization, a bustling city full of people and opportunity, building and cars. People go about their days with minimal worries and knowledge of why their lives are the way they are. Neo, an ordinary man trapped inside and wanting to find a way out of the matrix, is hurled into a world of fantastic reality. He is reborn in the "new world" where reality feels like fantasy and fantasy feels like reality. .
             Since Neo has been torn from the matrix and finally realizes how the system operates, he can now manipulate the system in any way he likes. He can move freely in and out of the matrix through phone lines without worries, except for the "agents" who act as an anti-virus to help regulate what goes into and out of the system. However, once in the matrix Neo can do whatever he likes with few limitations.

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