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Poes Poems

            Throughout history, there have been many famous poets, such as Robert Frost, William Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson. One of the most well-known, deep writers is Edgar Allan Poe, the first famous American poet. His works appear to many readers as dark and mysterious, mainly dealing with death. He has not only written a plethora of poems, but his rather impressive collection of chilling tales strike fear into all who read them. This fear is mainly caused by the symbols and imagery Poe includes in his works. Edgar Allan Poe's most well known poem is The Raven, a dark story of lost love and insanity. There is a large assortment of symbols in this poem, some more prominent than others. The imagery and setting of The Raven adds to its mystery and suspense. Another well-known work of Poe's is The Tell-tale Heart, a tale of murder and the power of the mind. The use of imagery and symbolism in this particular tale is quite profound. Poe's poems and tales are famous for using symbolism and imagery to create the mood and atmosphere desired. The well-known writer, Edgar Allan Poe, is famous for his use of imagery in many of his works, but specifically in poems such as The Raven and The Tell-tale Heart.
             Edgar Allan Poe's works are quite different from each other, but they do have some similarities, something common between many of them. One of the most common symbols that appear in the majority of Poe's works is the spirit or soul. Such works that include this symbol are The Raven, Lenore, The Haunted Palace, and The Tell-tale Heart. In each of these literary pieces, the concept of the soul or spirit is different. Each work has a different aspect of the soul being portrayed, whether it is that the soul has moved on or that it will never be free.
             Another very common image is that of the darkness of night time. In seven of the eight poems analyzed, there has been the theme of darkness present, but mainly, all these poems and tales occur at night.

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