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Queen elizabeth

            In the speech made by Queen Elizabeth I of England to her troops, Elizabeth used many of the different resources of language. In her opening remarks, the Queen states that all of the troops have to commit themselves to fight for their country and for the protection of the others who live there also. The queen explains that she has "placed her chiefest strength and safeguard in the loyal hearts and good will of all my subjects- meaning that she used her knowledge as Queen to make the decision, whether right or wrong, to engage in an invasion. Elizabeth is prepared to die for her country, and for the decision that she has made. She explains in depth that she has all of the physical characteristics of a woman but that she has "the heart and stomach of a king." That is a very strong statement to make, especially coming from a woman, nonetheless the Queen of England during the middle 1500s. Elizabeth continues in regard to taking up arms herself to protect her people and her country. Elizabeth used various techniques of motivation to persuade her troops to excel in protecting England from an invasion. She suggests that she herself will do whatever it may take to keep England safe from harm.
             Elizabeth uses very strong words in her speech to her troops, as sort of a motivation tool. At one point during the speech she refers to herself as being the rewarder who will distribute the "rewards and crowns in which they shall be duly paid." Elizabeth is speaking to them as if she were just an ordinary person. She had complete confidence in the troops because she states, "we shall shortly have a famous victory over those enemies of my God, of my kingdom, and of my people." That is a very strong closing remark, which firmly assess her purpose of engaging in battle and being victorious. .
             Elizabeth paints a picture with her words in order for her troops to fully understand her meaning.

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