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             Does Ferlinghetti fit into the label of "Rebel Artist/poet of the 1950's"? I would say yes first because of his background. What I mean is Ferlinghetti believes that drugs, the Zen Arts, and physical and emotional love in order to release life, literature, and art from the restrants of societal conformity. And in the 1950's drugs were not use to free your self. Let alone except as an everyday thing. It was an era of good fortune the country was still riding high on the outcome of WWII. And because of our anti oriental views the Zen Arts were very Taboo.
             The second reason I think Ferlinghetti fits in the "Rebel artist/poet of the 1950's" is because of what he wrote in his poem "I am Waiting". In this poem he points fun at what people in the 1950's loved. Like when he said "I am waiting for the American Eagle to really spread its wings and staighten up and fly right" When the american people in the 1950's thought nothing but good things of American society, american thought that everything they did was right and that they were flying right.
             The third reason is in the smae poem "I am Waiting". Ferlinghetti writes "I am waiting for the American Boy to take off Beauty's clothes and get on top of her and I am waiting for Alice in Wonderland to retransmit to me her total dream of innocence" This portrays him as a rebel artist/poet because first sex was not take about especially in reference to The American Boy and Beauty. Second is Alice in Wonderland is all about drugs and is in no way about innocence. And as I have perviously said drugs were looked down upon and everyone once supposed to be innocence. For the pervious reason I think Ferlinghetti fits into the "Rebel artist/poets of the 1950's" .

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