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             We are born into a world where the individual possesses the ability to shape society. All over the world, people are being oppressed by their surroundings and feel the need for change. C. Wright Mills defines this concept as the "sociological imagination", that is, the ability to see one's self in society and society in self. Through education and perseverance, humans can develop a voice that enables us to make change. Like puppets, we are held in strings besides the fact that we possess the capacity to loosen them to our desired pull. Therefore, we shape society and our society shapes us.
             Culture is the set of values and beliefs that together form a people's way of life. Acquiring this knowledge is the elementary step to maneuvering our tightly bound strings. Once we have learned our culture, we can transmit our knowledge of the world to others. Although it is not impossible to bring about change solely, it is highly unlikely. The system demotes an individual who believes they can make a difference by themselves. In response to this negligence, Karl Marx stresses the importance of forming groups of people called unions all working together for some desired goal. The power of the union creates a solid foundation that is far more likely to achieve their goal of legitimate status. As the will for change increases, the pull of our strings decreases.
             The life-long process by which an individual develops their sense of self and position in society is called socialization. Socialization is yet another critical key to freedom from oppressions. The individual learns who they are from what other people think about them. It has been studied that negative opinions and criticisms scar the .
             person ultimately leading them on a pathway of failure. On the contrary, positive feedback sets a limitless boundary for success. Everyday, people are being evaluated by one another according to their appearance and actions.

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