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The Autumn of The Patriarch and The General in His Labyrinth

            Gabriel Garcia Marquez, born in Colombia, is the most acclaim writer in Hispanic-America. His fame is due to his accurate and rich representation of the Latin American culture. The flavor of his writings make him unique and has brought him a world wide fame that it paid off when he was awarded the noble price of literature in 1982. However, the writer has published two novels that have not follow his trademarks bringing his audience to remark his darker side where violence and cruelty seem to be the leading thoughts. These novels are The Autumn of The Patriarch and The General in His Labyrinth.
             The Autumn of The Patriarch was written in 1975. This book is about a tyrant who leaves 232 years. The format of the story is a bunch of anecdotes, which are told by a narrator whose identity is not revealed. These anecdotes are not told in a chronological order; therefore, it is not clear which anecdote comes first. It is hard for the reader to follow the design of the story. The main character is the Patriarch, who is a fearless individual, obsessed with power. The country rule by the patriarch is a Caribbean island that had been ex-colonized by the Spanish and the English. The book emphases on several tales based on his cruelty towards his countrymen. .
             In the other book The General in His Labyrinth was written in 1989. The theme of .
             This book is the tale of the last months of Simon Bolivar who is the liberator of five South American nations from the Spanish regime. This book is could be describe as a documentary, since most of the events describe in the book are based on actual events. The foundation of the novel is the degradation of a character who is widely loved around the continent. This aspect makes the story to have a depressing facet of the book. The Main character is Simon Bolivar, who is the president of the Great Colombia, union of nation. From the beginning of the book, Bolivar seems to be a harmless character that is the victim of a society, which does not appreciate him.

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